CADScor system shown at the German Heart Days meeting


Acarix AB has presented its CADScor system for non-invasive, non-radiation acoustic rule-out of coronary artery disease at the German Heart Days meeting (12–14 October, Berlin, Germany). A press release reports that a new analysis, presented at the meeting, will point to clear opportunities for improving efficiencies by introducing innovations such as the CADScor system in the current testing regime for coronary artery disease.

The study, which was presented by Steffen Wahler (Medical School Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany), was entitled “Trends in Inpatient Care of Coronary Artery Disease in Germany 2005-2015”. It showed that the number of acutely treated infarcts declined slightly since 2013. Furthermore, there was a significant shift from ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) to non STEMI (NSTEMI) events over the observation period and the number of cases with unstable angina declined markedly. However, at the same time, the number of inpatient interventions and coronary diagnoses performed showed a steady increase over time.

According to the press release, in recently-reported clinical trials on a standard patient population, the CADScor system has evidenced its accuracy (97%) to rule out coronary artery disease at an early stage before patients progress to more intensive, time consuming, invasive, and expensive testing procedures. The system has the potential to save time and money and is currently being offered to healthcare professionals in Germany, Sweden, and Denmark.

Acarix CEO Søren Rysholt Christiansen commented: “The discrepancy that Dr Wahler points out between the decline of many forms of cardiovascular disease and the rise in inpatient testing opens in our view considerable opportunities for savings both in patient anxiety levels and treatment by using the Acarix CADScor system.”


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