Venair collaborates on leading research project with Georgia Institute of Technology


Venair has established a new collaboration with Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (CFM Lab) at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA, one of the world’s leading research universities.

The CFM Research Group at Georgia Tech has been one of the pioneering laboratories in the world studying the function and mechanics of heart valves and other complex cardiac defects with the use of fundamental engineering principles. “The main objective of my lab is to provide answers to life-saving clinical questions using engineering approaches,” said Ajit P Yoganathan, director of CFM Laboratory.

Venair’s current collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology´s CFM Lab focuses on generating an understanding of the mechanics of the human heart’s left ventricle (both healthy and diseased). Venair was to manufacture artmolds and silicone-based models of the left ventricle for physiological analysis.

This left ventricle model provides means for a physical understanding of structural heart disease and valvular/pathological conditions affecting cardiac function in order to identify novel diagnostic indices and potential target variables to monitor before, during, and after clinical treatment.