Two new patents for Cardiological Solutions


Cardiological Solutions has announced that it has been granted two additional patents for its family of aortic embolic protection devices, which are designed to prevent stroke and other ischaemic complications. The new patents include its first issued patent for its Emboline Cap technology and a further patent for its broad embolic deflector intellectual property portfolio.

A press release reports that the aortic embolic protection technologies of Emboline and the large-hole access and closure technologies of VasoStitch form the initial core of a suite of accessory devices offered by Cardiological Solutions to address the clinical needs of emerging interventional cardiology procedures.

“These newly issued patents afford Cardiological Solutions additional IP protection for its critical accessory technologies aimed at the transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) community today,” says David WJ Smith, chief executive officer. “Indeed, our two initial platforms of procedural accessory devices address the most pressing clinical needs in the rapidly growing evolution of TAVI therapies: specifically, a dire need for nonsurgical, large-hole (>12 Fr) access and closure technologies, and aortic embolic protection devices for prevention of stroke and other ischaemic complications”