Transcatheter tricuspid valve repair successfully achieved in feasibility study of 4Tech TriCinch


4Tech has announced that its TriCinch device has been used to successfully treat patients suffering from tricuspid regurgitation.

The ongoing feasibility study is being conducted at San Raffaele Hospital (Milan, Italy) and in other sites in Italy and Europe. The Interventional Cardiology Unit at San Raffaele Hospital is directed by Antonio Colombo and is a key center in Europe for treatment of coronary artery diseases and structural heart diseases. Colombo—the director of the Interventional Cardiology Unit at San Raffaele Hospital—is also a visiting professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, New York City, USA. The investigators for the TriCinch feasibility study at San Raffaele Hospital include Azeem Latib, senior interventional cardiologist; and, Paolo Denti, hybrid cardiovascular surgeon.

4Tech’s TriCinch system is the world’s first transcatheter device developed to treat this clinical need, and is designed to allow clinicians to repair a diseased tricuspid heart valve in a simple and reproducible interventional procedure. The 4Tech TriCinch device was invented by Francesco Maisano, who was a senior surgeon at San Raffaele before being appointed as chief of Cardiac Surgery at University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland.

“We are enthusiastic about the growing trend toward transcatheter treatment of all heart valve disease,” says Latib. “From my clinical experiences to date, it appears that TriCinch has a chance to refashion the way in which tricuspid heart valve disease is treated in the future, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to develop and validate the technology in more patients.”

“We must not forget that the patients who are benefitting from the TriCinch approach to treating TR had no other option left to them,” adds Denti.