STENTYS’ next-generation of self-apposing stent system receives CE mark ahead of plan


STENTYS has announced that it has received CE marking for its new self-apposing stent system ahead of plan, which will allow the company to market the new products in Europe and in all the other countries where this certification is recognised. STENTYS will officially launch Xposition S at the EuroPCR conference on 19 May, 2015.

Xposition S is the name of STENTYS’ next-generation sirolimus-eluting self-apposing stent. It is delivered by a unique and clinically proven stent delivery system that closely replicates conventional stent implantation techniques, making the implantation of a STENTYS stent easier and requiring practically no training.

The delivery system was designed based on the Cappella Peel Away technology that the sompany acquired less than a year ago: a small balloon splits open the sheath containing the stent to release it precisely at the intended location.

Gonzague Issenmann, chief executive officer and co-founder of STENTYS, stated: “This CE marking represents a quantum leap in terms of product design as we now have a stent delivery system that mimics how a conventional stent is implanted, thereby paving the way to much faster adoption of the self-apposing technology by interventional cardiologists.”