St Jude Medical collaborates with Mended Little Hearts to produce The Mended Little HeartGuide


St Jude Medical and Mended Little Hearts have joined together to create The Mended Little HeartGuide—a comprehensive digital guidebook for parents and families of children with congenital heart conditions. The company reports that the guidebook was produced because it says there is a great need for need for information and answers about congenital heart defects.

The Mended Little HeartGuide was written for parents and carers by parents, carers and medical professionals who understand the daunting challenges parents of children with congenital heart defects face. The Guidebook covers more than 30 topics, ranging from prenatal diagnosis to hospitalisation and care required when the child comes home from hospital. It aims to empower families with knowledge and the tools that will help them to cope.

According to a St Jude Medical press release, many children with congenital heart defects are treated with adult-sized devices, which may not be optimal. The press release states that St Jude Medical and the FDA have long recognised the need for solutions and educational resources to support paediatric patients.

Mark Carlson, vice president of global clinical affairs and chief medical officer at St Jude Medical, comments: “Through our partnership with Mended Little Hearts and the introduction of this innovative new resource, we are expanding our ability to support parents and caregivers of children with congenital heart defects and furthering our commitment to the community while we continue our efforts to develop safe and effective medical devices to fit children’s growing hearts.

The Mended Little HeartGuide guide can be viewed or downloaded online