Spiral Flow PV bypass graft launched by Vascular Flow Technologies


Vascular Flow Technologies has announced the launch of its Spiral Flow PV Bypass Graft registry at the 31st annual Deutschen Gesellschaft für Gefäßmedezin (DGG) in Münster, Germany.

The longditudinal clinical performance outcomes of the Spiral Flow peripheral bypass graft in patients undergoing femoro-popliteal bypass will be collected in a multicentre, observational, post-market registry. The study will observe the use of Spiral Flow peripheral bypass graft over a two-year period in 100 patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease. It will be undertaken by GermanVasc, the German vascular society.

Principal investigator of the Spiral Flow PV Bypass Graft registry and chair of the European Society of Vascular Surgery, Debus, comments, “With more than 450,000 patients being treated in Germany annually for vascular disease annually it was important that comprehensive data is collected through a nationwide web-based recording of relevant vascular interventions to facilitate a greater understanding of the role of innovative technology on patient outcomes.”

The implantation of Vascular Flow Technologies’ Spiral Flow Graft was demonstrated in a live case during the German Vascular/Endovascular Masterclass held in Hamburg on 9th October. The session specifically showcases new techniques and therapy methods for innovative medical technologies.

Progress of the registry is now well underway, with 12 hospital sites already signed up.