Sorin announces FDA clearance and first US implant of Memo 3D ReChord annuloplasty ring


Sorin has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for Memo 3D ReChord, an innovative semi-rigid annuloplasty ring for mitral valve repair.

The Memo 3D ReChord incorporates a chordal guide system into the existing Memo 3D ring to simplify and standardise the approach to artificial chord replacement. Memo 3D ReChord’s unique design streamlines mitral repair procedures while allowing surgeons to obtain reproducible results even in advanced chordal reconstructions.

Memo 3D ReChord‘s one-of-its-kind features include:

  • A unique temporary chordal guide system that simplifies artificial chord replacement
  • Sorin’s exclusive Carbofilm coating to enhance haemocompatibility
  • Innovative cell-structure design to accommodate the mitral saddle shape while enabling the physiological 3D motion of the native annulus.

Steven F Bolling, professor of cardiac surgery, University of Michigan Health System, Ann Arbor, USA, who conducted the first implantation of the ring in the USA, comments on his experience: “The Memo 3D ReChord is simple to use with a minimal learning curve for new users. The chordal guide system gives surgeons more confidence when performing anterior mitral leaflet repairs with Gore-Tex chordae.”

Bolling continues: “I believe that using the Memo 3D ReChord allows surgeons to deliver more reproducible results during this procedure, ultimately improving patient outcomes. Offering a solution that standardizes artificial chord replacement may actually increase the number of anterior mitral leaflet repairs performed each year.”