SIS Medical to launch three innovative balloon catheters


SIS Medical is to launch three new models of its balloon catheters—EasyT, NIC 1.1 hydro and NIC Nano hydro—and say all three have characteristics that define new standards for these types of catheters. The company has recently obtained approval for CE marking. The approval will enable products to be marketed within the European Union while also facilitating registration in Asia, South America and some Middle Eastern countries.

According to a press release, the EasyT catheter is used to prepare the vessel prior stent implantation and for postdilatation of the stent in case better stent expansion is required. Furthermore, it is suitable for numerous vascular stenosis due to its small profile and trackability in tortious vessel anatomy. The common high-pressure balloon catheters currently available on the market do not have these low crossing profiles and trackability in curves.

The press release states that the products NIC 1.1 hydro and NIC Nano 0.85 hydro have the lowest crossing profile and the smallest diameters on the market and can withstand the highest pressure in vascular occlusion compared to the competition. Thanks to a special hydrophilic coating, these two catheters also feature a very smooth surface with the lowest frictional resistance, even in curved vessels.

The three new catheters have been tested very successfully in various clinics in Germany and Switzerland. They feature an innovative new wing design for the catheter connection. This greatly facilitates identification of the appropriate balloon size and handling during interventions.

Willi Zwahlen, managing director and founder of SIS Medical, explains: “After just two years at our new facility, we have developed the three new balloon catheters to market readiness. This is a great success for us and a real milestone in our product portfolio. We are consistently pursuing the goals of our internationalisation strategy and can now further expand our sales activities and generate significant growth.”


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