Siemens workshop enhances diagnostic confidence and workflow efficiency within ultrasound


Siemens Healthcare recently hosted a series of echocardiography and workflow efficiency workshops across the UK. Using live demonstrations of the ACUSON SC2000, delegates were able to discover how continuous volume imaging can improve diagnostic confidence and workflow efficiency. The workshops were held in Glasgow, Manchester and London and saw experts in the field of echocardiography speak to delegates including consultant cardiologists and cardiology surgeons.

“Delegates at the event were given insightful information on how to analyse the images on the ACUSON SC2000,” states Alexander Borg, consultant cardiologist at Manchester Royal Infirmary who spoke at the Manchester event. “The system trumps other systems on the market and the high degree of automation is very useful for clinicians. The technology minimises clinical input by automating many steps at the click of a button, providing workflow efficiencies.”


The three events were hosted by Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Glasgow, Manchester Royal Infirmary and University College London. Guest speakers from each of the hospitals gave talks on left ventricle quantification in form, flow and function. Cardiology ultrasound experts from Siemens Healthcare also discussed the latest technological innovations of the ACUSON SC2000 and quantification of mitral regurgitation within echocardiology.


According to Siemens, the ACUSON SC2000 ultrasound system delivers excellent image quality and introduces the opportunity to quantify left and right ventricles as well as physiologic flow quantification using continuous volume colour flow imaging. The eSie Measure workflow acceleration feature simplifies routine echo procedures by utilising knowledge based semi-automated measurements. The eSieScan workflow protocol solutions improves consistency and allows customisation; both features allow potential time savings, improved accuracy and patient throughput.


Bernadette Leonard, UK business manager for Ultrasound Products at Siemens Healthcare adds, “Siemens is dedicated to providing customers with up to date information on products and procedures so they can enhance their clinical practice. Workflow efficiency is very topical at the moment as hospitals try to make the most out of resources. The ACUSON SC2000 offers various efficiency features to offer time savings and therefore improve patient throughput.”