Siemens launches Artis one angiography system for universal use


At the Radiological Society of North America annual meeting (1–6 December, Chicago, USA), Siemens is launching its new Artis One angiography system for universal use. The new system has been optimised for broad clinical use and its energy consumption is up to 20% lower than with Artis zee floor.

According to a company press release, Siemens developed the system for routine interventions—such as diagnostic angiographies of narrowed coronary arteries and their treatment or pacemaker implantations.

The press release reports that the system is extremely flexible with low space requirement of just 25 square meters. Despite being floor-mounted, the system is similar in positioning flexibility to ceiling-mounted systems and requires substantially less space. It occupies 25 square meters, compared to the usual 45 square meters required by ceiling-mounted systems. The system also features several axes that can be moved.