Roxwood Medical announces agreement with Abbott for distribution of products in USA


Roxwood Medical has entered into an exclusive agreement with Abbott for distribution of Roxwood products in the USA. According to a press release, the company’s anchoring catheters (CenterCross Ultra; MultiCross) and microcatheters (MicroCross) offer minimally invasive platforms for physicians to percutaneously treat patients with chronic blockages by facilitating guidewire access across the blockage.

Mehrdad Farhangnia, chief executive officer, Roxwood Medical, comments: “This partnership with Abbott’s vascular business is a major milestone for Roxwood that allows far more patients to benefit from our catheter portfolio used during complex coronary procedures. We have an amazing team at Roxwood, and are excited to work with Abbott to help patients suffering from advanced coronary artery disease.”

Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is considered complex when patients have other chronic conditions such as diabetes or advanced kidney disease, when multiple vessels are involved, or if a vessel is severely blocked. The majority of PCIs performed today in the USA are considered complex in nature.



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