Randomised trials “instrumental” in future research of tricuspid valve repair


Speaking to Cardiovascular News, Georg Nickenig (Bonn, Germany) details the presentation of a unique live case involving a triple valve repair in a high-risk patient at the recent Joint Interventional Meeting (JIM 2021, 11–12 February, virtual), and considers future areas of study in the repair of the tricuspid valve.

Discussing the approach presented at JIM, he comments that procedures involving multiple valve repairs in one sitting could become more frequent but cautions that these cases should be tackled solely by experienced, multidisciplinary teams in high-volume centres.

Nickenig also discusses current and future approaches to tricuspid valve repair, and considers the future areas of focus for research in the treatment of the tricuspid valve. “We need to know not only that patients are doing better in clinical terms, we need to know that the patients will benefit in terms of hard outcome data,” he said.


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