Qvanteq AG enrols first patient in QUEST I clinical study


Qvanteq AG has enrolled the first patient in the First in Man clinical study QUEST I, following earlier regulatory approval from the Dutch and Swiss authorities. The aim of the QUEST I study is to assess feasibility and safety of the Qstent, a bioactive, coating-free coronary stent. The Qstent has shown excellent in-growth and low thrombogenicity in pre-clinical studies. 

“Enrolling the first patient is a significant step towards clinical proof of concept for our bioactive and coating-free coronary stent”, comments Qvanteq’s chief executive officer and founder Arik Zucker.

“This unique stent concept is indeed very exciting because there is no drug coating and therefore, it might well present clear benefits for the treated patients in terms of minimum dual antiplatelet treatment time. Fast endothelialisation accompanied by low restenotic and low thrombogenicity potential offers patients a very valuable alternative to currently used stents in the clinic,” says Patrick W J C Serruys, chairman of QUEST I at Erasmus University, Thoraxcentrum, Rotterdam, Netherlands.