PressureWire Certus receives approval for physiological parameter measurements inside the heart


Radi Medical Systems announced at the VIVA conference in Las Vegas, NV, in September, that it has received regulatory clearance for its PressureWire Certus to measure physiological parameters inside the heart.

PressureWire has previously only been cleared for use in the coronary and peripheral blood vessels. With the new regulatory clearance, PressureWire can be used to assess pressure measurements across heart valves and into various chambers of the heart.

“The availability of PressureWire for use in extra-coronary applications is an important advance,” said Dr Ted Feldman, Evanston Hospital, Cardiology Division, Evanston, IL. “My own use of PressureWire for assessing transvalvular gradients has made a real difference for patient management.”

In addition to this new application, PressureWire Certus is used in the assessment of Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR). FFR expresses the maximum achievable blood flow in a coronary artery with abnormal stenosis as a fraction of maximum blood flow in the absence of a stenosis.