Pie Medical Imaging announces launch of CAAS Qardia 2.0 echocardiography software platform


Pie Medical Imaging has launched a new version of its echocardiography software platform—CAAS Qardia 2.0. CAAS Qardia leverages artificial intelligence (AI) driven workflows for performing key clinical measurements and ease-of-access.

The CAAS Qardia platform offers in-hospital deployment as a so-called “zero-footprint” solution, meaning access from any PC within the hospital network via the web-browser.

According to a press release from Pie Medical Imaging, the new version puts “complete and flexible off-cart echocardiography analysis within reach”. The press release adds that CAAS Qardia excels at viewing and analysis, of, amongst others, myocardial strain analysis of left and right ventricles, stress-echo, diastology and (PISA) valve analysis. A report containing all clinically relevant parameters is automatically created to be shared with colleagues.

“With CAAS Qardia 2.0 Pie Medical Imaging underscores its commitment to simplify the cardiologist’s daily practice with accurate and easy-to-use analysis tools,” said Rene Guillaume, managing director of Pie Medical Imaging.

CAAS Qardia is available in a server-based or classical stand-alone setup. CAAS Qardia is US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared and CE marked.


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