Elsevier announces the launch of Case: Cardiovascular Imaging Case Reports


Elsevier and the American Society of Echocardiography has announced the launch of Case: Cardiovascular Imaging Case Reports.

Case is an online, bi-monthly journal with the mission of publishing interesting and educational cases where echocardiography plays a crucial role in diagnosis and management.

Although the journal is focused on echocardiography, it is also intended to reflect current practice with multiple complementary imaging modalities, facilitating more accurate diagnosis and thereby improving patient care. The journal is designed to emphasise case-based problem solving through critical analysis, insightful solutions, and innovative imaging. According to a press release, it incorporates the latest technology for image exploration, including the ability to zoom and pan high-resolution images and scroll through DICOM images and manipulate them in three dimensions.

Case is led by editors-in-chief L Leonardo Rodriguez and Karen G Zimmerman and an editorial board of echo experts from a wide variety of countries. The journal is intended to reflect cardiovascular practices throughout the world.

“We are proud to start an exciting new journal dedicated to cases where echocardiography and other cardiovascular imaging have a premier role in diagnosing and helping to manage complex clinical situations,” Rodriguez comments. “Visual learners know that every picture tells a story. Echocardiography, like all imaging, is the universal communication tool. We will share real-life imaging experiences to assist in better patient care.”