Patients at high risk of bleeding—A forgotten population in PCI?


There is an increasing understanding of the need for tailored strategies when treating  high-bleeding risk (HBR) patients in the cath lab. In this educational supplement, sponsored by Medtronic, Cardiovascular News explores the latest thinking around short-duration dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT), considers how the Onyx ONE study programme is shaping approaches to the treatment of HBR patients, and gains greater insight into how best to identify these patients.

Expert insight includes:

  • David Kandzari and Davide Capodanno discuss the evolving evidence-base for short-duration DAPT
  • Azeem Latib on the findings and key messages from Onyx ONE
  • Assessing HBR in practice: The ARC HBR app, explained by Marie-Claude Morice
  • A view from Roxana Mehran on balancing ischaemic benefit and bleeding harm in HBR patients


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