On-X Life Technologies to launch Chord-X mitral valve chordal repair system


On-X Life Technologies will launch its Chord-X mitral valve chordal repair system at the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) Annual Meeting (24–27 January, 2015, San Diego, USA).

On-X LTI will display its products at Booth 927. One of the highlights of this scientific meeting will be a company-sponsored symposium on Sunday 25 January featuring A Marc Gillinov, The Cleveland Clinic: “New technology to simplify mitral chordal replacement” and James S Gammie, University of Maryland: “Chordal replacement versus resection.” The symposium will be at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina.

Mitral valve repair has gained general acceptance among heart surgeons around the world. Approximately 60,000 procedures are performed annually in the USA. The procedure has been generally performed with the aid of an annuloplasty ring. In recent years some surgeons use ePTFE suture to create artificial chords, a subvalvular structure of the mitral valve. Data suggest that repair of the valve annulus in combination with chordal repair is ideal for many patients.

Chord-X mitral valve chordal repair system includes:

  • Chord-X chordal sizer allowing accurate measurement of artificial chord length
  • Chord-X pre-measured loops designed to save OR time and standardise artificial chord replacement
  • Chord-X adjustable suture system for surgeons who prefer to adjust and customise chordal loop length

The On-X LTI system for mitral valve chordal repair is produced with On-X LTI’s proprietary ePTFE suture and the company says it will provide surgeons new tools to help simplify the procedure. On-X LTI’s chief executive officer Clyde Baker notes, “We are pleased to provide surgeons with innovative tools designed to help make mitral valve chordal replacement more reproducible and save OR time. We are appreciative of the excellent team of surgeons who have helped design this product and for our excellent product development team which produced this innovation.”