MIRA-iCS Retractor system launched on to USA market


Maquet Medical Systems has announced that it has launched the MIRA-iCS Retractor system, for use during minimally invasive revascularisation procedures, on to the USA market. The systems allows physicians and patients to avoid the need for a sternotomy with its associated risks and complications.

According to a company press release, the MIRA-iCS Retractor system is an innovative, modular system designed to provide unsurpassed cardiothoracic access during minimally invasive revascularisation procedures. The press release also reported that the system features a unique, pivoting mechanism that maximiSes access and visibility through the smallest of incisions, thus avoiding the need for a sternotomy with its associated risks and complications.

The MIRA-i CS Retractor offers both titanium internal mammary artery (IMA) blades, which attach to any table-based retractor system providing lift for easy access to this artery, as well as aluminium thoracotomy blades—all of which are radiolucent, making them compatible with diagnostic imaging during hybrid PCI-CABG procedures. The MIRA-i CS Retractor unique pivot mechanism allows the blades to deflect up to 30 degrees, increasing visibility and instrument manoeuvrability, without the need to increase the incision length. Furthermore, the interchangeable blades attach to retractor arms that are hinged, which minimises workplace interference and improves the ergonomic experience for the surgeon.

“The MIRA-i CS Retractor is an important addition to our cardiac surgery offering that may allow physicians to improve their practice and help patients quickly return to their normal daily routine,” said Raoul Quintero, president and chief executive officer of Maquet Medical Systems USA. “The use of the MIRA-i CS Retractor during revascularization procedures may reduce post-operative discomfort and lead to a shorter recovery process, faster healing, fewer infections and less scarring for patients.”