MiCardia receives notification of a new German reimbursement code for the adjustment of its enCorSQ Mitral Valve Repair System


MiCardia Corporation has announced it has received notification that a new German reimbursement code has been approved for the adjustment of the company’s enCorSQ Mitral Valve Repair System. 

The company announced that this new code will provide additional reimbursement for the enCorSQ, a new approach to the long-term treatment of mitral valve disease. In particular, this new codewill reimburse the follow-up treatmentof recurrent mitral regurgitation which statistically occurs in 15-30% of all patients with surgically repaired mitral valves. The company believes that the enCorSQ System is the only available technology that provides such follow-up therapy for the heart’s mitral valve.

“This new code completes the reimbursement procedures for the enCorSQ in Germany and serves as a model for other European healthcare systems. Existing codes reimburse mitral valve repair, which continues to be the preferred surgical treatment for mitral valve regurgitation. This new code reimburses enCorSQ’s unique feature which allows the surgeon to adjust the implant to address recurrent regurgitation with a short, minimally invasive procedure. To date, adjustments have been successfully completed as late as 13 months post initial implant,” said Don Rohrbaugh, MiCardia’s CEO.

This new reimbursement code is available for all hospitals in Germany to cover the costs associated with the enCorSQ adjustment procedure and is in addition to the reimbursement paid for the enCorSQ implantation procedure.