Merit Medical unveils new ThinkRadial website and educational initiative


Merit Medical has announced that it has launched a new website and educational initiative ( The aim is to provide specialised training courses and information to help interventional cardiologists master the skills necessary to ensure successful radial access. The radial approach has grown in popularity with up to 90% adoption in some parts of the world, but uptake has been slower in the USA.

The benefits of radial access, including easier access, fewer complications, greater patient comfort, and faster recovery, have been well documented, but the amount of training required to become proficient in transradial intervention has slowed its widespread adoption in the USA.

“We are introducing as a global platform to educate and share information about radial access among global healthcare professionals,” said Fred P Lampropoulos, Merit’s chairman and chief executive officer. “We want to foster an ongoing, global discussion on a wide range of radial topics with current research, training courses and events, and a place where advances in medical device technology can be considered.”