Merit Medical Systems launches the Prelude Snap splittable sheath introducer


Merit Medical Systems has launched the Prelude Snap splittable sheath introducer. The Prelude snap’s design is based directly on physician feedback.

“Physicians know first-hand how frustrating it is to lose a lead placement. Understanding those frustrations, Merit designed the Prelude Snap,” said Fred Lampropoulos, Merit’s chairman and chief executive officer.

The Prelude Snap is easier to break, approximately 33% easier than competitors, according to a company press release. An easier-to-break sheath can minimise harsh movements of the lead during removal and help ensure leads stay in place.

The Prelude Snap was also designed with patients in mind, and features a smooth, seamless sheath-to-dilator transition to reduce vessel trauma and provide ease of vessel insertion.

The device comes in a number of sizes, ranging from 6F to 12.5F. Each product kit contains the Prelude Snap, dilator, 0.038” x 50cm or 0.038” x 80cm guide wire, an 18G x 7cm Merit Advance needle, known for its superior sharpness and approximately 46% less drag, and a 12 mL syringe.