Maquet buys LAAx and its TigerPaw system II occlusion device


Maquet has announced it has acquired the company LAAx and its TigerPaw system II occlusion device. It has said that the TigerPaw system II will expand expand its cardiac surgery offering and will be launched in the USA and in Europe in June 2013. 

A press release reported that when implanted, the TigerPaw II safely and effectively occludes the left atrial appendage (LAA) and conforms to its shape and thickness, minimising the risk of tissue damage and accidental bleeding associated with other common closing methods used during open chest procedures. The product has been cleared by regulatory bodies in the USA and EU and will be commercially available in those regions this month and in June 2013, respectively.

TigerPaw II is an implantable LAA occlusion device featuring an exceptionally soft silicone fastener that conforms to the appendage anatomy and tissue thickness, spreading the pressure equally. According to the press release, it is the only device currently available that has been proven 100% occlusive of the LAA during cardiac surgery, due to the pliable silicone.

“We believe TigerPaw II will be a best-in-class device for reliable ligation of the LAA, potentially mitigating post-operative stroke and its associated costs in patients with atrial fibrillation undergoing cardiac surgery,” said Peter Hinchliffe, president and chief executive officer for the Cardiac Surgery Business Unit of Maquet Cardiovascular.

Subsequent to the US and EU launches, TigerPaw II will also become commercially available in other countries around the world following their local regulatory approvals.