Lariat surgical delivery device receives the CE mark


SentreHeart has received the CE mark approval for its Lariat surgical left atrial appendage suture delivery device. The suture-based solution is designed for soft tissue closure, including the left atrial appendage (LAA) closure.

According to the press release, features of the Lariat surgical include an easy-to-use 50mm snare that is compatible with access as small as 5mm, a malleable shaft design for ease of use in delivery from different access locations, and an integrated suture-tightening system to reduce the risk of operator variability during closure. The surgeon, while under direct visualisation, can guide the Lariat Surgical snare loop over soft tissue, including the left atrial appendage, confirm its exact closure location, and deploy the pre-tied suture, resulting in immediate, complete ligation without leaving any metal or clip behind.

Additionally—unlike current surgical closure solutions, including staplers and clips—the Lariat surgical LAA device uses a common polyester suture, which may prevent any metal-to-tissue interaction. Additionally, its low profile design, the company states, will give surgeons greater control in suture placement location and is designed to be compatible with open- chest, thoracotomy or port access procedures.

Krzysztof Bartus, associated professor of cardiac surgery at Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland, states: “The Lariat surgical device is an elegant surgical closure solution, combining the best of all the current approaches into a single device. The new device enables flexibility in my approach and access to close tissue where I want, with the additional confidence that it will remain closed. These are important characteristics when closing soft tissue such as the left atrial appendage.”