Konica Minolta release updated Sonimage HS1 compact ultrasound


Konica Minolta have introduced a new version of the Sonimage HS1 compact ultrasound system, which is designed to enable improved image quality, streamlined workflow and new cardiac functionality for the point-of-care ultrasound market.

Sonimage HS1 now features Tissue Doppler Imaging, Anatomical M-Mode, a cardiac reporting package, and a  sector probe to enable cardiac imaging capabilities. Additional enhancements include Simple Clear Flow (SCF), which detects low flow velocities in superficial and deeper structures, and the broadband frequency L18-4 linear probe with advanced harmonics that allows for improved resolution in deep structures.

The Sonimage HS1 combines digital signal processing with broadband transducer technology to support high image quality in a hand-carried system.  Smart technology is intended to ensure logical workflow in an easy touchscreen design, while quick keys bring the most common functions to the user’s fingertips.  Intuitive gesture controls and focused exam presets are designed to minimise the user learning curve, without the need to navigate a knob-cluttered keyboard.