Investors express confidence in Emblok embolic protection catheter with US$5m financing


Innovative Cardiovascular Solutions has completed a Class A Unit financing totalling US$5m to fund its Emblok embolic protection catheter that has been designed to be utilised in trans aortic valve implantation (TAVI) procedures as well as several other left heart interventional procedures where embolic protection would be required.

The Emblok device is an embolic protection device that offers full circumferential aortic collection while protecting the cerebral, abdominal and peripheral vasculature from embolic debris. The design of the Emblok system allows the physician constant visualisation during the procedure and aids in precise valve implantation while eliminating the need for constant dye injections to verify positioning.

“We are delighted by the strong vote of confidence from our investors supporting our pursuit of this innovative and comprehensive approach to embolic protection,” states R Kevin Plemmons, Innovative Cardiovascular Solutions’ chief executive officer. “We believe this unique technology which is intuitive and easy to use will have a significant impact in the area of embolic protection to help minimise stroke and neurocognitive issues associated with TAVI and other left heart interventional procedures.”