InspireMD to showcase embolic systems with MicroNet Technology and results from MASTER I trial at EuroPCR conference


InspireMD has announced that it is attending EuroPCR 2014, the leading cardiovascular event in Europe. The conference is taking place in Paris, France from 20-23 May 2014.

Each year, more than 120 companies from the cardiovascular industry, including device and equipment manufacturers, attend EuroPCR. This event allows attendees to discover new products and research and development projects as well as interact with practitioners and industry partners to further development and innovation in the cardiovascular field.

During the event, InspireMD will share the results of its 12-month follow-up from its MASTER trial for the first time in Europe at a symposium titled “MGuard Embolic Protection Stent: The Importance of Thrombus Management in STEMI Primary PCI,” which will be attended by world-renowned faculty. The symposium will focus on the importance of thrombus management in primary percutaneous coronatry intervention for STEMI patients, provide an update on relevant clinical data on device selection in STEMI treatment and showcase real-life examples of how device selection can influence the outcome of STEMI patients.

Throughout the meeting, presenters will discuss data from InspireMD’s 12-month MASTER (MGuard for acute ST elevation reperfusion) trial demonstrating that the MGuard outperformed bare metal and drug-eluting stents in all-cause mortality in ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients. Further, the MASTER trial achieved its primary endpoint in complete ST-segment resolution at 60-90 minutes post-procedure, which is historically a strong predictor of mortality. The secondary endpoint continued to show lower mortality rates with MGuard use as opposed to the control group.

“When we presented the MASTER I trial findings in Q4 in the United States, they were extremely well received, as the data suggested that InspireMD’s MGuard embolic protection system offers STEMI patients a higher likelihood of survival at 12 months than standard bare metal and drug-eluting stents,” says Alan Milinazzo, president and chief executive officer of InspireMD. “We look forward to sharing this information with the European cardiology community for the first time at EuroPCR and we anticipate a similarly positive reception.”

InspireMD will also be speaking with investigators about the CARENET (Carotid embolic protection study using microNET) multicentre European clinical trial using the CGuard carotid embolic protection system. The proprietary CGuard carotid embolic protection system uses the same patented MicroNet technology featured on its MGuard Prime coronary system. This protects patients from plaque debris and blood clots breaking off and traveling distally in the arteries which can lead to life threatening strokes. The size, or aperture, of the MicroNet ’pore’ is only 150-180 microns in order to maximise protection against plaque and thrombus.

Milinazzo says: “We remain on track to complete enrolment in the CARENET study and interest among physicians here at EuroPCR remains very high. We believe the CGuard and the associated CARENET trial will be of great interest to physicians treating patients with carotid artery disease worldwide.”