High definition IVUS used for the first time


Following the market release of the ACIST HDi intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), Scripps Clinic (La Jolla, USA) has become the first Cardiac Cath Lab in the world to use the new system. The system was used to optimise stent sizing and ensure proper stent expansion duringpercutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

A press release reports that HDi offers detailed insight that interventional cardiologists can use to optimise treatment choice for their patients. During the case, which was performed by Paul Teirstein (chief of cardiology and director of interventional cardiology, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, USA), the system was used to visualise fine plaque details in a highly stenotic vessel while continuously visualising the entire vessel—this helped with optimal stent sizing and helped to ensure proper stent expansion.

According to the press release, with HDi, ACIST has developed the world’s first high-definition IVUS system. It reinvents IVUS technology with improved image quality, a touch panel interface, a highly deliverable high-definition catheter, and superfast pullback speed. The complete HDi imaging system is integrated into one single 19 inch touchscreen console, which offers interactivity via swiping, zooming, drawing, and annotating, allowing rapid measuring and manipulation. With its small footprint, the press release notes, HDi is easy to integrate into catheterisation laboratories. The Kodama HD IVUS catheter, which houses the ultrasound transducer, has not only been designed for improved image quality, but also for improved pushability and deliverability. HDi offers both manual and superfast automated pullback options up to 10mm/s. In this setting HDi can complete pullback up to 20 times faster, reducing the time from minutes to seconds and minimizing ischaemic risk and motion artifacts.

Tom Morizio, president and chief operating officer, ACIST Medical Systems, says: “The HDi High Definition IVUS System represents a re-invention of IVUS from the ground up. Image clarity, speed of procedure, image interpretation are all improved. By launching the first high definition Ultrasound imaging system in the world, ACIST Medical has taken another major step forward in the transformation of the company.”