Heart charity offers novel technology grants


Heart Research UK is accepting outline applications for its latest Novel and Emerging Technologies (NET) grant round worth up to £250,000.

Applicants have until 6 January to apply for funding to develop a novel and emerging technology or a new application of an existing technology that will help in the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease. Research projects with an emphasis on novel and emerging technologies and their application to cardiovascular disease prevention and/or treatment, which can be expected to benefit patients within a foreseeable timeframe, will be considered.


Among those who have previously been awarded a NET grant is a team led by Richard Siow at the Cardiovascular and Imaging Sciences Division at King’s College London. The team received £190,000 for a project involving an advanced imaging technique which may lead to new ways of assessing the severity of heart disease and monitoring how it progresses, so that patients can benefit from treatment as soon as possible.

The two-year project began earlier this year, and Siow says: “The aim of our research is to come up with a more accurate way of detecting damage to the heart so that interventions can happen quicker and give a better outcome for the patient.”