First-in-man implant of MValve Technologies’ transcaheter mitral valve replacement system


MValve Technologies has revealed that the first human implantation of its catheter-based transapical mitral valve replacement system has taken place. The procedure was completed successfully at the University Clinic in Bonn, Germany. The procedure was performed on a 72-year-old male with longstanding history of valve disease.

A press release reports that the patient underwent surgical aortic valve replacement several years ago and recently his diseased mitral valve began to fail with worsening regurgitation in the setting of severe mitral annular calcification. It adds that given this patient’s general cardiac status, unfavourable mitral valve anatomy, and overall frailty, he was deemed inoperable by the local heart team.

The MValve transcatheter docking device in combination with the Lotus transcatheter heart valve were implanted successfully. Post-operative imaging confirmed the valve was positioned perfectly and functioning well with no residual regurgitation.

Present at the procedure were Georg Nickenig (interventional cardiologist and director of the Clinic), Professor Eberhard Grube (director, center for cardiac innovation), Armin Welz (director of Cardiovascular Surgery), Wolfgang Schiller (cardiothoracic surgeon), Christoph Hammerstingl (echocardiology) and Maurice Buchbinder (interventional cardiologist, Founder and Medical Director of MValve). Grube says: “We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the MValve team in order to provide treatment for this particular patient in whom no other alternatives were available.”