First-in-man cases with Mitra-Space presented


Cardiosolutions unveiled the first-in-human experience with its Mitra-Spacer system at PCR London Valves (20-22 September, Berlin, Germany). The novel system is intended to treat or bridge heart failure patients whose operative mortality risk for undergoing conventional open-heart surgery is deemed too high. The technology involves the use of a tethered atraumatic inflatable and volume adjustable balloon placed between the anterior and posterior mitral valve leaflets via a trans-apical approach on the beating heart.

A press release reports that the Mitra-Spacer system does not focus on the repair of various anatomical changes of the mitral valve but acts to fill the gap between the native leaflets, thus reducing the mitral regurgitation. The implant procedures were performed by Olaf Wendler (King’s College Hospital London, UK) in selected patients on compassionate grounds. He says: “”A unique design feature of this promising technology is the ability to modify the fill volume of the Mitra-Spacer System post-procedure. This allows adjusting the mitral regurgitation therapy to the capacity of the left heart function and to eliminate residual mitral regurgitation in the long-term course after implant.”