CorMatrix Cardiovascular prosthetic heart valve platform receives 27th patent


CorMatrix Cardiovascular’s prosthetic heart valve platform has been issued US Patent No. 9,226,821, bringing the total number of issued patents relating to this platform to 27. Thirty patents are pending in the US and internationally.

The Cormatrix heart valve products are comprised of extracellular matrix (ECM) materials derived from multiple tissue sources, including, but not limited to, small intestine submucosa.

This latest patent is one of 41 issued to CorMatrix in 2015, covering multiple technology platforms, including biomaterial delivery compositions, micronized biomaterial compositions, biomaterial constructs, pericardial closure systems, and biomaterial in conjunction with ventricular assistance device systems and methods.

“We are particularly excited about the additions in the areas of heart failure, heart valves, and material constructs,” says Robert Matheny, chief scientific officer and co-founder of CorMatrix. “It is becoming increasingly apparent that damaged tissues and organs require an inductive scaffold for the cells, particularly stem cells, to be retained and function normally. We are seeing a steady production of both preclinical and clinical data supporting this concept that is enabling us to design products for specific uses. These concepts and patents are also currently being employed in our Tricuspid Valve and Ischemic Heart Failure clinical trials. Current developments will take us into percutaneous approaches for both.”

“With over 70 US and foreign patents issued, and over 300 pending US and foreign patent applications directed to novel ECM-based compositions, structures and methods, our position in the field of regenerative medicine continues to be substantial,” says David Camp, chief executive officer and co-founder of CorMatrix.