Colibri Heart Valve receives patent for controlled release of percutaneous heart valve device


Colibri Heart Valve has received an issue notification from the US Patent and Trademark Office regarding the forthcoming granting of a US Patent titled, “Percutaneous replacement heart valve and a delivery and implantation system.” This will be Colibri’s twelfth patent and will issue on 8 September, 2015.

The patent is a utility patent directed to an assembly that includes a transcatheter heart valve with a tubular structure away from its central portion that flares at both ends. The assembly further includes a pusher member and a delivery sheath. The associated patent application has priority claims with content dating back to 4 January, 2002. It is expected that the patent will provide Colibri with broad protection for the claimed assembly until 4 January, 2022. This patent issuance represents the fifth Colibri THV patent allowed/granted in 2015.

“Colibri has invested heavily in maximising its intellectual property footprint, which has been significantly bolstered with the addition of this patent,” stated Joseph B Horn, Colibri’s president and chief executive officer. “This soon-to-issue patent covers a percutaneous replacement heart valve and a delivery and implantation system with a priority date of 2002 that is both early and meaningful in the transcatheter heart valve market.”

A company press release notes that “with the strengthened patent portfolio, Colibri is positioned to accelerate development of a self-expanding heart valve programme to complement its clinical-stage disruptive balloon expandable heart valve technology.” The addition of a self-expanding programme positions Colibri to be the only company with both intellectual property and technology to develop pre-packaged, ready-for-use, balloon and self-expanding transcatheter heart valve technology for aortic, mitral, and pulmonary applications.