CE mark for longer lengths of Cre8


After receiving the CE mark for longer lengths of its polymer-free, drug-eluting stent, Cre8, CID is now able to provide the stent in diameters from 2.5mm to 4.5mm and lengths from 8mm to 38mm.

According to a press release, the Cre8 polymer-free, drug-eluting stent embodies the most advanced stent technologies to treat coronary vascular disease. Its unique distinctive features—abluminal reservoir technology, amphilimus formulation and bio inducer surface—make Cre8 the only very effective polymer-free drug-eluting stent available.

The press release reported that the proprietary abluminal reservoir technology provides a consistent drug loading onto the stent platform, thus enabling a controlled and directed elution exclusively targeted to the vessel wall. The innovative amphilimus formulation, which is sirolimus plus an organic acid, is the first known use of a carrier to enhance drug bioavailability and drug distribution to the entire vessel wall. The bio inducer surface, a second generation integral pure carbon coating, demonstrates excellent results in terms of stent endothelialisation and struts coverage.

The NEXT randomised study showed that Cre8 was superior to the Taxus Liberté stent, improving drug-eluting stent performance specifically in complex patients such as diabetics who usually present long coronary lesions.