Carmat announces agreement with Edwards Lifesciences to use the Carpentier-Edwards Biological Heart Valves in Artificial Heart


Carmat, the designer and developer of an artificial heart, announced on 9 November 2010 that it has signed an agreement with Edwards Lifesciences. According to this agreement, Carmat will be using the Carpentier-Edwards’ biological heart valves in its artificial heart.

Carpentier-Edwards biological heart valves were developed by Carmat co-founder and CSO Alain Carpentier and will be, for the very first time, used in an artificial heart.


“This partnership with Edwards Lifesciences will enable us to secure a major milestone of our total artificial heart with a view to providing a solution for patients suffering from end-stage heart failure,” emphasised Carmat CEO Marcello Conviti.


The Carpentier-Edwards biological heart valves with proven design, technology, efficacy, and reliability are essential components of Carmat’s artificial heart.