CardioPrecision moves into US market


CardioPrecision, a developer of less invasive treatment solutions for structural heart disease, has announced its entry into the US market.

The company’s technology was used for endoscopic vessel harvesting (EVH) during coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) for the first time in the USA during a procedure at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA, a development that the company says represents a “significant scale up” for its goals.

CardioPrecision, based in Glasgow, UK, is spun out of the National Health Service (NHS) through InnoScot Health. With its CoreVista family of devices, CardioPrecision has focused on transcervical access for the treatment of structural heart disease and cardiothoracic interventions.

CardioPrecision chief medical officer, Fraser Sutherland, said: “EVH is fundamentally an on-screen procedure, and our expanding suite of CoreVista devices optimise that by bringing a plug-and-play high-definition screen into the operative field within direct sight and control of the EVH operator to improve speed, precision, and hand-eye coordination—a world first.”

Ying Sutherland, CEO at CardioPrecision, said “We are in no doubt that our platform technology has incredible potential and the international interest we are receiving bears that out. We will continue to make exciting inroads in the USA, from recognition to integration.”


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