CardioCel bio-scaffold launched and sold in Malaysia


CardioCel has now been launched in Malaysia, according to a press release from Admedus. The company has achieved its first sales in the country of the bio-scaffold product.

Admedus claims that Malaysia’s population of 30 million people, as well as the country’s strong record in cardiothoracic surgery, make it an important market for the company.

Admedus is currently undertaking a post-market clinical study with leading heart centres to compare patient outcomes in reconstructing the aortic heart valve with CardioCel vs. replacement bioprosthetic valves that are on the market today.

CardioCel is now available in Europe, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia and continues to be accessed through early access programs in Australia. Admedus is also working with its partner Genpharm in the Middle Eastern and Northern Africa region for additional regulatory approvals as well as exploring new markets in Asia.

“We are very pleased with the rollout and growing traction of our product to date. Having launched in a number of markets including the US and EU, we are delighted now to be working with key Malaysian heart centres and heart surgeons in introducing CardioCel to the region with the prospect of improving patient lives,” says Admedus CEO Lee Rodne.