ECHSA 2019: CardioCel acellular bioscaffold handles well


Caner Salih (London, UK) talks to Cardiovascular News about the CardioCel bioscaffold (Admedus) and the benefits it has brought to his practice at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital.

According to Salih, CardioCel has become the “tissue of choice” and he notes that from a technical perspective, the handling is “ideal” and “exactly as we need it.

He also shines a spotlight on the accelllularity of the product, which he believes “limits the degree of calcification that can possibly occur”.

Salih outlines the highlights that he presented using CardioCel in over 127 patients at the ECHSA 2019 meeting (European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association, 20-22 June, Bulgaria, Sofia) and found “tissue handling to be excellent”.

This video is sponsored by Admedus.


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