Boston Scientific announces additional investment and right to acquire MValve Technologies


Boston Scientific has announced that it has closed on an additional round of financing with MValve Technologies, a developer of a percutaneous mitral valve replacement system, designed to work with the Boston Scientific Lotus valve—creating a unique mitral regurgitation treatment solution. Boston Scientific has provided the company with funding since 2012 and has an exclusive option to acquire MValve.

A press release MValve Technologies plans to use the new financing, in part, to fund a first-in-human clinical trial for the MValve docking system for transcatheter mitral valve replacement in patients with mitral regurgitation. The approach, in which the Boston Scientific Lotus valve is deployed inside the MValve docking system, is designed to enable the treatment of mitral regurgitation in a broad range of patients, and to improve long-term clinical outcomes in this patient population. Both the dock and valve can be repositioned and recaptured, enabling precise valve placement and physician confidence prior to releasing.

Maurice Buchbinder, interventional cardiologist, founder and medical director, MValve Technologies, says: “MValve is proud of our truly novel technology, and we look forward to continued development of this unique mitral system—a system that we anticipate will finally provide physicians with a transformative solution and offer patients the appropriate treatment they deserve.”