Biotronik announces European launch of new generation of Galeo coronary guide wires


A press release from Biotronik has announced the European market launch of a new range of Galeo guide coronary workhorse guide wires, inspired by the original Galeo design.

Daniel Weilenmann, head of interventional cardiology at the Kantonsspital, St. Gallen, Switzerland, states, “The new generation Galeo guide wire with its hydrophobic coating clearly enhances the tactile feel, granting me a better sense of what is happening inside the vessel. Additionally, Galeo’s torque response greatly improves steerability and deliverability through complex vascular anatomies which makes it much easier to control the guide wire during the procedure, improving the chances for an optimal outcome.”

Over 120 product uses of the new Galeo guide have been evaluated based on initial procedures performed in five different countries. The new Galeo became CE marked in July 2015.

According to Biotroknik, the new Galeo guide wires reintroduce key design features from the original model to ensure superior trackability and torque. A hydrophobic coating over the entire distal section of the guide wire improves tactility in situations that call for a stable feel inside the vessel. Designed to optimise torque response, Galeo features a one-piece-construction core wire, meaning there is a direct connection between the core wire and the distal coil, to keep the core wire centred while navigating torturous anatomy. This combination of features should torque response and provides precise steerability, according to Biotronik.