Biotectix announces licensing agreement with Acutus Medical for the use of Amplicoat on cardiac catheters


Biotectix has announced that its Amplicoat electro-conductive polymer coating has been licensed by Acutus Medical for use on the company’s real-time 3D Cardiac Chamber Imaging and Dipole Density Mapping system.

Amplicoat is a highly durable coating that is designed to enhance communication at the interface between human tissue and a medical device’s electrode, and enable higher signal fidelity, reduced power requirements, and device electrode miniaturisation. The licensing agreement allows for Amplicoat to be applied to cardiac catheters made by Acutus Medical, whose imaging and mapping system aims to identify the sources that cause and/or sustain complex and irregular cardiac arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation.

Jeff Hendricks, co-founder of Biotectix, said “The pioneering design of the Acutus Medical catheter is an excellent match for Amplicoat, as it will allow for the more efficient transfer of charges between the device and cardiac tissue.”

Randy Werneth, founder, president and chief executive officer of Acutus Medical stated, “The Biotectix conductive coating performed well with our system and is part of the internal and external technology platform that is designed to advance our aim of rapidly mapping the atrium while accurately identifying the parts of the heart to which the electrophysiologist can direct therapy.”

Biotectix is expanding production of its coating products with the opening of a new research and development facility in Richmond, California, USA. The 2,800ft2, federally compliant space will have the capability to coat customer devices as well as produce and distribute coating solutions.