Barostim neo is CE marked for the treatment of uncontrolled hypertension


CVRx has received CE mark for its Barostim neo for the treatment of uncontrolled hypertension. This second generation implantable device features a new unilateral, 1mm electrode and a new smaller, more advanced stimulator to allow for more focused and efficient delivery of therapy. These improvements have led to shorter procedure times and extended longevity.

“A therapy that effectively activates the baroreflex is a much-needed weapon in our armamentarium against resistant hypertension,” said Hermann Haller, director of the Department of Nephrology at Hannover Medical School in Germany, and principal investigator for the Barostim neo hypertension trial. “We are very excited about the new Barostim neo system and look forward to be able to provide it to the many patients who need it.”

Nadim Yared, president and chief executive officer of CVRx added, “We are delighted to receive CE mark approval for hypertension. The advanced personalisation capabilities offered by the Barostim neo enhance long-term efficacy by allowing physicians to adapt therapy as their patient’s clinical condition warrants. The latest clinical evidence obtained with the new system is exciting.”

About the Barostim neo

The Barostim neo uses CVRx-patented technology that is designed to trigger the body’s own natural blood flow regulation system to treat high blood pressure. The system works by electrically activating the baroreceptors. When activated by the Barostim neo, signals are sent through neural pathways to the brain, which responds by telling the arteries to relax, heart to slow down and kidneys to reduce fluid in the body.