Asahi Intecc and Svelte Medical Systems announce manufacturing and co-branding agreements


Asahi Intecc and Svelte Medical Systems have announced that Asahi Intecc USA, a subsidiary company of Asahi Intecc, and Svelte have executed formal agreements relating to the manufacture and co-branding of the Svelte drug-eluting coronary stent fixed wire integrated delivery system. The collaboration will feature Asahi’s latest Actone wire technology in the design, development and supply of core wire and coil assemblies for the Svelte system.

The Svelte system is designed to optimise transradial interventions and the slender approach to percutaneous coronary intervention. With the lowest-crimped stent profile on the market, the Svelte system allows physicians to downsize catheter sizes used during procedures.

In Japan and parts of Europe, transradial intervention is the default interventional strategy. In the USA, the number of transradial intervention procedures is growing rapidly, increasing from less than 5% of procedures in 2007 to more than 25% today. Svelte is working with regulatory authorities to secure approval to conduct pivotal studies with the system in Japan and the USA and expects it to be commercially available in Europe in 2015.

“With the unique fusion of Asahi advanced wire technology and components and novel Svelte technology, this partnership should improve procedure outcomes worldwide,” said Masahiko Miyata, president and chief executive officer, Asahi Intecc.

“Our collaboration with Asahi Intecc takes our fixed wire stent program to the next level at a time when global support for transradial intervention procedures and the slender approach is growing rapidly, especially in the USA,” said Jack Darby, president and chief executive officer of Svelte Medical Systems. “The Svelte fixed wire system represents the first change in coronary stent delivery since the advent of the rapid exchange catheter. By leveraging our innovations with world-class Asahi Intecc expertise and wire technology, we will create a truly unique drug-eluting coronary stent platform which enhances patient outcomes while minimising costs to the healthcare system.”