Arterial Remodeling Technologies and Terumo show promising pre-clinical data for drug-eluting bioresorbable scaffold


Terumo and Arterial Remodeling Technologies have announced that Renu Virmani, a cardiovascular pathologist at CVPath Institute, USA, presented promising pre-clinical data on Terumo’s next-generation drug eluting bioresorbable scaffold for the treatment of coronary artery disease at EuroPCR 2015 (19–22 May, Paris, France).

“We are particularly satisfied with the well-balanced drug effect of the drug-eluting bioresorbable scaffold, while preserving the competitive bioresorbable properties of the Arterial Remodeling Technologies scaffold of early programmed dismantling and complete resorption,” said Machiel van der Leest, chief executive officer of Arterial Remodeling Technologies.

This presentation, made at the Arterial Remodeling Technologies symposium during EuroPCR 2015, “validates the strong progress of the co-development between the two companies” according to a company press release.