Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring technologies to be featured at ESH 2013


On 11 June, SunTech Medical announced, in a press release, it will be displaying its blood pressure monitoring technologies at the European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection (ESH) on 14–17 June 2013 in Milan, Italy.

According to the company, the Oscar 2 ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system provides 24 hour measurement and analysis of patient blood pressure data. It was the first ambulatory blood pressure monitor to achieve independent validation by both the British Hypertension Society and ESH protocols for testing the accuracy of ambulatory blood pressure monitors.

According to the press release the Oscar 2 system uses SunTech Medical’s patented Orbit blood pressure cuff which uses a form-fitting sleeve to prevent slippage while patients carry out daily tasks. The Oscar 2 uses AccuWin Pro v3 software for automated analysis, interpretation and customisable reporting of blood pressure data.

In the press release the company stated that the the SunTech 247 is a low-cost, clinical grade blood pressure spot check device with optional temperature and pulse oximetry modules. It can operate as a wall-mounted, table-top or mobile device, and features a simple user interface for quick automated readings. The SunTech 247 features SphygMode, a manual mode for accuracy verification that replaces traditional sphygmomanometers, but with an automatically-regulated deflation rate.