Vygon to manufacture vascular outflow tract for Aeson artificial heart


Vygon, a specialist in the design, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices, has signed an exclusive agreement with Carmat, the French medtech, that will see Vygon develop and manufacture the vascular graft for the outflow tract of its Aeson artificial heart. The financial terms have not been disclosed.

Under the agreement, Vygon will adapt its existing polythese vascular graft to make it compatible with Carmat’s artificial heart. It will develop the two prosthetic outflow tracts connecting the Aeson heart to the patient’s pulmonary arteries and aorta.

Carmat describes Aeson as the world’s first bioprosthetic artificial heart that is highly haemocompatible, pulsatile and self-regulated.

“We are honoured that Carmat has chosen us to develop this new vascular graft—the first of its kind in the world,” said Ludovic Richard-Vitton, CEO at Vygon. “Carmat is a shining example of French medical innovation and has created a device with real life-saving potential. As fellow medtech specialists, we are proud to join forces with this groundbreaking company.”

“This partnership with Carmat will enable us to showcase one of the leading products from our cardiovascular & surgery catalogue. It also confirms our reputation for outstanding industry expertise and problem-solving,” said Guillaume Puppinck, global director business plan and B2B deployment at Vygon. “We are excited to use our expertise to adapt our graft to Carmat’s requirements and play our part in developing a treatment solution for patients waiting for heart transplants.”

Under the new agreement, Vygon also plans to develop a second bespoke device for Carmat by Q4, 2024.


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