Terumo launches the VirtuoSaph Plus Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System


Terumo Cardiovascular Systems has announced the introduction of the VirtuoSaph Plus Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System following clearance by the FDA.

The VirtuoSaph Plus system provides an endoscopic approach to vessel harvesting, and is used for coronary artery and peripheral artery bypass graft procedures. 

The system offers a device that, when used in conjunction with the ‘Terumo Method’ of vessel harvesting, consistently delivers bypass grafts with a new standard of care. The Terumo Method, developed by Terumo’s team of engineers and dedicated clinical specialists, is a comprehensive set of guidelines designed to aid vessel harvesters in their pursuit of consistently high conduit quality.

Proven features retained from the original VirtuoSaph system include a completely integrated design, open CO(2) insufflation and one step sealing and cutting capabilities. 

“We find that use of the VirtuoSaph Plus system has given us an enhanced feeling of control. The longer PTFE dissector rod requires the use of less force and has reduced resistance during dissection. We also value the time that Terumo’s clinical specialists devoted to us and our CVOR team as we learned about the capabilities of this impressive new product,” said Timothy McCoy, The Toledo Hospital. “Since we began using the VirtuoSaph Plus system we feel more confident that our team is providing our patients with high quality conduits that offer the patency our patients require for a positive outcome.”