Stentys to acquire stent delivery technology for its next-generation of self-apposing stents


Stentys has announced the signing of the acquisition agreement of Cappella Peel Away Inc. (Delaware, USA) and its assets relating to a novel stent delivery system. The acquisition is subject to closing conditions.

The catheter technology will enable the implantation of the self-apposing stent in the same manner as a conventional balloon-expandable stent. To release the stent in the vessel at the desired location, the cardiologist inflates a small balloon that splits open the stent-containing sheath. This technology has been used as part of Cappella’s Sideguard coronary bifurcation stent, which is CE marked in Europe and has been clinically validated by an extensive number of Sideguard stent implants.

Cappella Peel Away’s assets consist of a license agreement on patents related to the novel peel away sheath technology for a stent delivery system, technical specifications and drawings, clinical and regulatory documentation and equipment from Cappella Inc. The latter will retain the rights to the peel-away sheath technology for its Sideguard coronary bifurcation stent and for other potential applications including peripheral vascular indications.

Stentys will incorporate the technology into its next-generation delivery system for the company’s line of bare metal and drug-eluting stents and expects to start commercialising these in 2015.

Gonzague Issenmann, co-founder and chief executive officer of Stentys says: “This is Stentys’ first strategic acquisition, and it results from our active research efforts, including constant monitoring of the landscape for complementary tools to add to our portfolio. We are very excited about the potential for the Cappella Peel Away catheters to offer cardiologists an even friendlier user experience for implantation of our stents and allow more heart attack patients to benefit from Stentys’ self-apposing technology.”