Philips introduces IntelliSpace Cardiovascular at the American College of Cardiology Meeting


Royal Philips has launched IntelliSpace Cardiovascular, a web-enabled image and information management system with a single integrated workspace that produces a holistic view of the patient’s care continuum across the entire cardiovascular service line. The new solution provides cardiologists with sophisticated tools for diagnosis and planning of patient cardiovascular care.

“The new era of value-based care and population health management is requiring cardiologists to collaborate and share information more readily with other care team members across various care settings,” said Jeroen Tas, chief executive officer, Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services, Philips. “IntelliSpace Cardiovascular marks the next generation of cardiology imaging and innovation, serving as a layer of interoperability that allows all care team members to access data and sophisticated clinical applications within one workspace.”

Philips says that the IntelliSpace Cardiovascular improves interoperability to enhance collaboration by centralising patient data from different areas of the hospital, and therefore facilitates “a streamlined workflow and improve patient care”. The information is displayed to allow all care team members to view the patient’s history spanning diagnosis, treatment and therapy, fostering collaboration and potentially eliminating unnecessary and repetitive tests.

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular offers a suite of interoperable clinical modules designed to help improve workflow across the entire cardiovascular service line from virtually anywhere. Built-in echocardiography reporting features give cardiologists the ability to identify and eliminate inaccuracies within reports.

A Philips press release notes that IntelliSpace Cardiovascular includes built-in tools for analytics, which compile data into searchable and manageable information for physicians, administrators and researchers. The analytic capabilities provide insight into operational efficiency, productivity and population health, allowing care team members to focus more of their time on delivering the best possible patient care.

Philips featured IntelliSpace Cardiovascular at the American College of Cardiology Conference (14–16 March, San Diego, USA) at booth #137.